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January 2021 Piar.io Updates in Less Than 5 Minutes to Read

piar.io updates january 2021

Since the Piar.io launch on ProductHunt in September 2020, more than 1,000 clients have joined our service. Thanks to the customer’s feedback we developed new features to improve the user experience. All of the features are available in the newly designed Piar.io dashboard.

We’ll appreciate your help voting for new ideas on the Piar.io landing page.

What’s New?

Active and Archived Links

The Active and Archive tabs are designed to separate current and outdated link preview items.

Items on the Active tab include real-time statistics on clicks. Archived items contain statistics that were compiled until the date of the archivation. Archived items can be restored at any time.

RealTime Statistics Sharing

You can share real-time statistics of any link with your business partners, advertisers, and team members. If you wish to use this feature, switch on “Allow access to statistics”, copy the private URL and send it via any messenger app.

Campaign Analytics

With the Analytics feature, you can compare results of different campaigns using the Search box, Filters and the Compare button. 

  • Enter a name, author or destination to the Search box to see campaigns with the same attributes.
  • Filter your campaign list by a date and author to get campaigns sent at a certain time, and/or by an author.
  • Select campaigns you want to compare and click the Compare button to display results of different campaigns on one graph. 

Plans Updates

We increased the number of team members and custom domains for all of the Piar.io Plans. And, we established the limits for the number of active links.

You as an owner can add team members in your account settings. To add a custom domain, click on the Add domain button when creating a new campaign. Then follow the chat bot’s instructions.

Feel free to get in touch with our support team with any questions.

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